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About Us

Tailor-made furniture, customised for each individual customer

With a tradition deeply rooted in the finest textile heritage, Ravasi built upon a legacy that dates back to the 1920s. Known for its exclusive creations of haute couture furnishing textiles, our company creates unique and tailor-made products that embody the full range of the client’s desires and expectations. The quality of all Ravasi-designed furnishings and accessories is always unparalleled, a result of our meticulous selection of the finest materials and talented craftsmanship.

Our great manufacturing skills and profound knowledge of fabrics, processes and applications allow Ravasi to adapt to every style, from the classic to the eclectic and contemporary, with highly-valued items of fabric furnishing that adapt to any type of space.

The company’s artisanal excellence is available to any customer who is planning an interior design project for their home, as well as to interior designers called upon to furnish residential, nautical and retail environments. Ravasi creations are textile works that embody the perfect balance between form and function, and reflect a company philosophy oriented towards refinement and the highest quality.

Textile spaces to dream

Our products are not just simple pieces of furniture, but real fabric spaces that reflect the client’s dreams and desires and transform every room into an exclusive environment.

A dream space, but also a space for dreaming: an environment shaped according to the tastes and style of those who live there, in which to immerse yourself and give life to your dreams.

A story to tell

Ravasi was established at the beginning of the 20th Century as a small artisan workshop, and its successive experience has been handed down through the generations.

After the Second World War, the Luigi Ravasi Company was founded, and over the years the quality of its work became well-known beyond the local area. Subsequently, a complete upholstery tailoring and manufacturing workshop was created, with the objective of launching the company into the world of interior furnishings and design.

And it is thanks to our collaboration with architects and interior designers, protagonists in the history of interior furnishings in Italy and around the world – now known universally as leaders in the sector – that our brand has managed to create a company completely immersed in the world of interior decor, specialised in the creation of unique, tailor-made furnishing projects.

Ravasi has chosen to maintain the artisanal character of the workshop, with work carried out by hand. This allows us to guarantee the superior quality and attention to detail that makes each piece of furniture unique.

We are proud of our family roots and our commitment to keeping the artisanal tradition alive, without neglecting the innovation and modernisation necessary to keep up with the times.

Today, Ravasi is committed to render the needs, ideas and forms of upholstery of architects and interior designers, for both more eclectic and traditional trends, guaranteeing the uniqueness and excellence of every single piece of furniture, and respecting every chosen style. In this way, our company is able to carry out original projects for a wide range of clients, which include homes in the city or in holiday resorts, exclusive hotels, showrooms of prestigious brands and even private yachts, where the interior furnishings are of fundamental importance.


Do not hesitate.

Enter in Ravasi


In our workshop we create sofas, chairs and armchairs of every shape and size to satisfy the most original creative needs, without limits. The presence of specific trained professionals within the company allows us to optimise manufacturing times and costs. Our personalised creations are exported all over the world, with uniqueness and minute attention to detail being our distinctive strengths.


Our tailoring department creates indoor curtains and traditional or Roman blinds, using a wide range of fabrics, carefully selected and transformed to guarantee their originality. The coverings of sofas, cushions, beds and bedspreads become truly unique works, thanks to our top-level embroiderers, capable of personalising the fabrics with hand finishing, stitching and refined combinations, transforming each item into an excellent and exclusive work.

The importance of the right fabric

As happens in the world of haute couture, fabrics and coverings also play a crucial role in our concept of furnishing in creating elegance, comfort and customisation. We offer a vast selection of high-quality fabrics, ranging from fine silks to soft cottons, from luxurious cashmeres and wools to innovative technical fabrics. Our fabrics are selected for their durability, feel and versatility.

Furthermore, we have always been able to combine textile choices with innovation and originality in order to give each customer’s project the uniqueness it deserves.

The environments in which our fabrics and coverings are used range across different sectors, allowing us to design solutions tailored to the specific needs of each field. Whether for ships and yachts, homes and outdoor spaces, or fashion, our fabrics and upholstery are designed for quality, comfort and style.